After the 1914/18 war some of the men in the village considered opening a bowling green. With no money available, the possibilities seemed remote but with caps in hand, two or three of the men approached the laird.  

Fortunately they were successful in their mission and they were given the deeds of what is still the site of the present day bowling green.

Most of the men worked 5 and a half days a week in their day jobs leaving precious little time to devote to turning their new site into a green able to host a bowling game. Given that they also couldn't work on a Sunday their time was extremely limited. However, they managed to somehow find the time to drain, level and lay a green and in 1922 the club opened, Duncan Grey serving as the first President. 

On the opening day they had a marquee, bags of enthusiasm, and little else. Over the last 94 years the many members of the club have worked hard to provide a modern clubhouse which has a well stocked bar, a pool table and a dance floor and is a place enjoyed by many of the community.